Advancing the Vision

I came across an article about this video that has gone viral this morning.  You have to watch it! It’s hilarious. It’s one of many “I Ain’t Doing’ It” videos created by comedian, Heather Land.   This one, which is aimed at CrossFitters checking in on social media,  has resonated with millions.  The article delves into why this video more than others has been her most popular.  In discussing this video’s relatability, Land talks about the commonality of reasons why people post to social media.  She says, “We all essentially ‘check-in’ during the week.  We all throw something out there for the world to see…Our check-ins are, in a sense, an invitation to our world.”

I think as a principal, I need to be sure to send these invitations to my staff.  Before I became a principal I thought about the type of communication I wanted to have with staff.  I knew it was helpful to me as a teacher to have the upcoming week’s important events sent to me, but as I stepped into my new principal role, I felt I needed something more.  When I was an assistant principal, I was a part of the instructional vision for the school with the principal.  I knew her thinking, her vision, her goals, and felt like together we had our hands on the pulse of the school.

I was surprised to find out that what I thought was clear was not so transparent to other teachers.  I had a different perspective from my seat than the teachers and sometimes actions that came from my office were misunderstood or misinterpreted.  So, when I  took the helm at Paint Lick I felt I needed ways to be completely transparent with my thinking about where our school was instructionally and where I want us to head.

That’s when I decided to have a weekly instructional email, as well.  I send out this instructional email (Advancing the Vision) on Sunday evenings.  I want teachers to know where my head is, what trends I am noticing when I go into classrooms, and what vision I have for our school.  To be honest, it probably helps me more to send them than it does for my teachers to read them.  I get clear on what I am seeing and what I hope to see more of, and I think that’s a win.   Just like those “check-ins” on social media are more validating to the poster than the “liker,” maybe that’s okay.  I’ll continue to send out those invitations to my world, hope they help someone, yet not worry about the “likes” or impact.  I’m doing what I need to do and I am good with that.

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