Self-Leadership for School Leaders

Effective school and district leadership starts with you, the leader. Before focusing on your expectations for your teachers, instructional strategies, or even the students you serve, you need to start with yourself. 


Getting it done

Personal effectiveness begins with your calendar and how you plan your time. In a job where the unexpected can rule one’s day, school leaders need intentionally planned structures so they can own their time instead of the demands of the day owning them. Learn tools, strategies, and structures to make the most out of every day.

Personal Wellness

Being a school leader will take its toll on your health and well-being unless you intentionally manage you stress and mental health. Learn strategies for stress management and mental wellness.

Redefining a Successful Day

Successful school leadership is so much more than checking items off a list. It’s showing up as the leader you want to be. Learn how to be the leader you want to be every moment and how to measure your success in meaningful ways.

Habits for Instructional Leadership

Classroom visits and professional conversations are the foundational tools of instructional leadership. Learn how these tools work together to move your school forward and advance your instructional vision.

Let’s build something great together.